Developed to promote small business in a new way, Jinzgo is the first mobile app of its kind. It was created to help business owners find customers who stand for similar ideals because like-minded consumers are loyal consumers. Utilizing a patent-pending algorithm, Jinzgo pairs local small business owners with potential customers (Jinzers) based on shared interests, mutual beliefs and common causes. These hot leads are constantly educated about your offerings as you expand your profile, therefore growing – and enabling you to reward – your consumer base. Instead of paying for “likes” elsewhere, invest in people who are like you. When you start ringing up those “Jings” from valued customers, along with their constructive feedback and good word of mouth, it will mean so much more for the small business community.

Business Owner Benefits

First app developed to promote small businesses in a new and unique way

Finds like-minded consumers, who are in turn loyal consumers

Allows you to invest in people who are like you, instead of paying for “likes”

Hot leads are educated about your offerings, growing your loyal customer base

Continuous updates keep building your profile, attracting new consumers

Rapidly grow your customer base

Reduce advertising expenses while increasing ROI

Accurately measure ROI

Consumers today are more conscientious than ever, more considerate about their choices. They are informed, empowered and passionate about where they spend their time and money. As a small business owner, you, too, are passionate about your life, about the personal qualities that make you

So where do you find new customers who stand for the same ideals you do? Customers who appreciate the small business experience? Welcome to Jinzgo, the first and only mobile app that matches small businesses with like-minded consumers – consumers that share your values and interests, giving small businesses their own platform to compete against the big box bullies and cheap chain gangs of the world.
So how does it work, you ask? Like a dating app, Jinzgo pairs your business with consumers based on shared interests, mutual beliefs and common causes. After a positive customer experience with your business, consumers can recognize this match with a “Jing” and because Jings come from valued customers, AKA “Jinzers”, they are a million times more meaningful than “likes.”
Your Jinzers accumulate benefits by offering private, constructive feedback and, of course, spreading the good word. By demonstrating that loyalty, in return you offer exclusive deals and personalized opt-in advertising, smartly targeting your devoted and loving Jinzers, all monitored and measured with an easy-to-use performance dashboard for one low monthly price.

Welcome to the new world of small business, a community that cares, giving consumers the freedom to make it personal and you the confidence to make it successful. Jinzgo, because it’s not about likes, it’s about people like you.

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