What is Jinzgo?

Jinzgo is the first and only mobile app that pairs small businesses with like-minded consumers, making matches based on shared values and interests.

Why use Jinzgo?

For consumers looking to have authentic experiences and businesses looking to enrich customer experiences, Jinzgo is the tool to help one find the other.

How does Jinzgo work?

Conscientious consumers who wish to support the small business community are matched with like-minded business owners based on their Jinzgo profiles. The beauty of this mutually beneficial relationship lies in the fact that by being empowered to have choices and use their voices to give feedback, consumers receive loyalty benefits while giving small businesses their own platform to compete against the big box stores.

How does Jinzgo help build business?

This first-of-its-kind app helps small business owners find new customers based on shared interests, mutual beliefs and common causes. Jinzgo’s patent-pending algorithm makes matches based on a survey businesses and consumers complete when creating a profile. Jinzgo metrics track activity and continue to grow your customer base, while the business owner has access to an easy-to-use performance dashboard that monitors traffic. Add-ons from partner platforms are available that will increase visibility, impressions and reach.

Do I have to answer all the survey questions to create a profile?

No, but the more questions you answer the better able the algorithm is to make great pairings. You can always return to the profile to fill in incomplete portions of the survey or to revise previous answers. And as Jinzgo grows its community, questions will be added to help further refine matches between small business owners and Jinzers.

Who does Jinzgo share my information with?

Jinzgo is a highly secure free-standing app that only communicates your information within the Jinzgo community. Our strict privacy policy ensures that only Jinzgo users will have access to profile information and metrics.

Do I have to pay for Jinzgo?

Jinzgo is free for consumers, and a basic Jinzgo version for business owners is free. For a low monthly fee, however, business owners can have access to add-ons from partner platforms that will increase visibility, impressions and reach.

Where is Jinzgo available?

Jinzgo is available for download on all Apple and Android devices.

If you have further questions that have not been answered on this site, reach out to us at

[email protected]

to see how Jinzgo can benefit your business