Consumer Benefits

Find and develop a roster of small businesses to support in your community

Discover like-minded businesses owners based on shared interests and values

Make empowered choices in determining where you spend your time and money

Accumulate personalized benefits while championing small business owners

Uncover unique and authentic local experiences while traveling

Receive exclusive promotions, deals and rewards

Use Jinzgo to plan an evening, an outing, or even an entire trip that is tailored to your specific likes and interests

Business Owner Benefits

First app developed to promote small businesses in a new and unique way

Finds like-minded consumers, who are in turn loyal consumers

Allows you to invest in people who are like you, instead of paying for “likes”

Hot leads are educated about your offerings, growing your loyal customer base

Continuous updates keep building your profile, attracting new consumers

Rapidly grow your customer base

Reduce advertising expenses while increasing ROI

Accurately measure ROI

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