Consumer Features

Welcome to Jinzgo, where consumers have the freedom to make business personal. To become a Jinzer, consumers simply download the free mobile app and create a Jinzgo profile based on their individual preferences within predefined categories. A survey tool will assess their answers in areas like: About You, Free Time, Tastes, Activities, and Beliefs. Much like a dating app makes matches, Jinzgo’s patent-pending algorithm pairs their preferences as consumers to small business owners based on shared interests, mutual beliefs and common causes. As they interact with Jinzgo – by recognizing positive interactions with “Jings” and providing constructive feedback – Jinzers will become an active and integral part of their small business community. In turn they will receive benefits for demonstrating their loyalty, perks like exclusive deals and personalized opt-in advertising. For consumers who enjoy the small business experience and being a part of a community that cares, Jinzgo is the perfect matchmaker.

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